Hi - I’m Charlie and welcome to my website.


I personally love an ‘about’ page …. Perhaps because I’m a really nosey person!


So who am I? I'm an EFT 'tapping' Practitioner, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Life Coach and a media presenter and voiceover artist.


 I’m also a wife and mother of two. The loves of my life. 


I'm obsessed with helping others to live the life they really want by overcoming obstacles that hold them back - which is why I’ve found myself on this beautiful career path after 15 years working in the media.


I won’t reel off my whole CV to you because it’s LONG - but over the years I worked as a Journalist, News Editor and Presenter at Heart Radio, Global Radio, ITV, ITN, Sky News, Five News, Time Fm, Channel Mum and a load of other places. I picked up a couple of awards and nominations along the way. 


It was an epic journey and one that taught me so much. I’ve managed difficult people, interviewed countless stroppy celebs and dragged myself out of bed at 3.30am for work, for years.


In my personal life I’ve dealt with emotional and physical abuse and narcissistic controlling relationships. I struggled through miscarriage and infertility and luckily came out the other side with my beautiful family.


In a weird way I kind of feel like all these experiences - the good, bad and the ugly - led me here today.


If you’re looking to work with me as a coach or a hypnotherapist I can promise that my approach is always 100% honest and with your best intentions at heart.


I’m professional but empathetic.  Integrity is incredibly important to me. 


If you’re looking to work with me on a media basis - click on my media page to see what I’m about.


Let’s do this.






Charlie works with you intelligently and intuitively to help you uncover where you want to be. Sharing her powerful coaching skills, she gives you the tools, habits & confidence to get there. Empathy, dedication & authenticity are at the heart of her approach. Big and positive changes are afloat in my career, family and personal life, which have been unlocked through my sessions with Charlie.


I really benefited from our chat this morning, I enjoyed speaking with you.


I am looking forward to using the tools that you gave me, I think I will get a lot from them.


Thank you so much for a really helpful and informative session.

It was great just chatting things through with you and I actually feel ready to face the​ challenges and now I have​ dates set to reach my goals I am determined to do this! 


Thanks again Charlie - really appreciate your time. 


I’m off to buy a journal.......

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