Birth phobia and birth trauma

One of the areas I am extremely passionate about working in is birth phobia (also know as Tokophobia) and birth trauma and I have undertaken additional, specialist training in this area.  Both are very real issues that require a special level of understanding and sensitivity.

Perhaps you find yourself here because you are preventing yourself from starting a family because the fear of pregnancy or birth is too much?

Or maybe you’ve experience baby loss and you’re frightened to try again.

Or it might be that a previous birth left you feeling traumatised and you need some help moving forward before you can think about having another baby?

I’ve put as much as I can into questions and answers below to help you. Please do contact me to discuss further how hypnotherapy and psychotherapy may help you.



Psychological trauma can occur with or without physical trauma and can present as: postnatal depression and/or anxiety (PNDA), postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); for example, having obsessive thoughts that can affect behaviour such as checking on the baby constantly or recurring thoughts that impact your enjoyment of daily life. 


Factors either side of the birth can contribute to trauma including the journey through pregnancy, feeding challenges, infertility challenges, premature birth and pregnancy loss. 


According to the Australasian Birth Trauma Association about 9,000 women each year develop PTSD after giving birth, but many go undiagnosed. 

Countless others experience some form of birth trauma, which can relate to physical injury but also the lingering emotional and psychological impacts of a less-than satisfactory birthing experience.


So it would be my honour to support you on your journey - click here to get in touch for an informal chat.




How can I help you?

There are many ways I can help.

  • I provide a safe space for you to speak about your fears and experiences.

  • During sessions we can explore where your worries are coming from, and work on those fears in a number of different ways

  • Work through grief 

  • I help you to set achievable goals for you to work towards

  • I empower you to make your own choices

  • I travel alongside you on your journey

  • Through specialised hypnosis we can work on subconscious blocks and make positive changes

  • Teach you mind/body techniques for stress relief and relaxation