1. What is life coaching?


Life coaching is a process that involves working with someone trained in coaching to help you identify and achieve goals, develop belief in yourself and ultimately help you follow the paths that make you happy and fulfilled, using your full potential.


The coach acts as a facilitator and the client leads the process.


2. What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy first emerged in the 1700’s.

It is a form of therapy that attempts to address the client’s subconscious mind, in order to make positive change.


“Hypnosis is:

•    a natural state of heightened awareness

•    opens the mind to beneficial suggestions

•    makes use of the imagination to help make positive changes”

(source: The Hypnotherapy Association) https://www.thehypnotherapyassociation.co.uk/home


The state of hypnosis is actually a state that you’ve been in many times without realising – perhaps when you’ve driven your car on a familiar journey on auto pilot, or when you find yourself day dreaming in a relaxed state.


There is nothing scary about it – in fact it’s usually a lovely and incredibly relaxing feeling.


3. Can you make me do silly or dangerous things under hypnosis?


No, and I have no desire to! You will only do in hypnotherapy, what you’d do in everyday life. Your moral code doesn’t change. The person in control during hypnotherapy is YOU.



4. Do you only work with women?

If it’s hypnotherapy you’re after – I work with both men and women.


But for life coaching – I’m currently only working with women. I’ve made this choice for now because it’s what I excel in. Women and men strive to achieve goals in a very different way and we face different challenges. This doesn’t mean that I won’t work with men in the future and it doesn’t mean that I dislike men! I have four brothers, a lovely Dad, husband and son. It’s just where I’m at with my coaching right now.

5. What kind of coach are you?

I get asked this a lot. And the answer isn’t that fancy I’m afraid. I’m an ‘everything’ coach! If you really wanted to pin it down I guess I’d say I specialise in the area of confidence. Many coaches label themselves as ‘success’, ‘empowerment’, ‘career’ coaches etc. And while this is great …. All coaches have to work with the client as a whole in order to achieve anything. For example - you may be having an issue with asking for a payrise at work but the root cause may be a limiting belief you have from childhood. See where I’m going with this?


6. Is coaching different to counselling?


Yes it’s very different. I am not a qualified counsellor or psychologist.


Coaching is not therapy. It helps to deal with limiting beliefs and attitudes that come from past experiences but it does not FOCUS on past emotional experiences. Instead it focuses on setting appropriate goals to move forward with success.

7. What qualifications do you have?


I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in Life Coaching with NLP, both from the Kent College of Hypnotherapy and accredited by the Hypnotherapy Association.

I have also undertaken a number of advanced courses and carry out regular CPD. (Continued Professional Development)



Outside of the therapy world – I have a first class degree in Communications (BSc Communications, Leicester University) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism (City University London).


8. How and where do sessions take place?


Most of my work is done ‘virtually’ using an online communication system called Zoom which I send you a link to. I will also send you the video recording afterwards as part of the price of the session.


I do also offer face to face sessions in and around Kent and London. If you choose this option you will get unlimited tea, coffee and cake during our session! Who doesn’t love cake?!

Hypnotherapy sessions will soon be available from a private home studio. (TBA)


N.B I am willing to travel further afield and will quote depending on job and distance.

9. How many sessions will I need?


It’s a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string?” I personally find that one session isn’t generally enough. You may feel like three is your magic number, or you can work with me indefinitely!


Hypnotherapy can work a bit differently, depending on the issue you wish to work with. I will discuss that with you.


10.The idea of coaching seems a bit daunting and I’m not sure how I should act?


Just be you. I completely agree – coaching can be daunting. Why is that? For me it’s because the perception of coaching is often loud extrovert characters on a stage with a microphone yelling about making £100,000 in a month and how YOU can make that happen. I’m not like that. I’m warm, relatable and pretty normal! (Whatever that is.) I promise not to shout at you with a microphone during our sessions. But obviously if earning £100,000 in a month is important to you – we will absolutely work towards that. But I work with realistic and achievable goals.


11. How much is a session?


My rates vary but you’re looking at around £50 for an online session over Zoom for coaching which includes a pre-session consultation and a post-session follow up.


Please contact me for a full price list.


N.B I have a separate price list for hypnotherapy.


12. Can you change my life?


I can’t change your life. The only person who can do that is YOU. But I can absolutely work with you and guide you to make those incredible changes. Coaching and hypnotherapy can lead to wonderful things.


13. Can I have coaching and hypnotherapy in one session?


Absolutely – in fact, coaching and hypnotherapy go beautifully together. A bit like gin and tonic. We can start the session with coaching practices to work out what you want to achieve – and finish the session with some relaxing hypnotherapy or some visualisations / mindfulness to really set those goals in motion.


N.B please note these sessions will be slightly longer and priced accordingly.


14. I’ve been told I need to lose weight / quit smoking – can you do that for me?


Hypnotherapy is incredibly powerful and successful for changing habits like overeating or smoking. BUT you need to want to make that change. I don’t have a magic wand. But I do have the tools to work with your willing subconscious to help you make those wonderful changes.



15. Have you got any events coming up?


Keep an eye on my events page where everything will be posted!


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