Therapy available for:


Weight loss 

Pregnancy and birth

Fear of flying 

Fear of driving

Stop smoking

Anxiety & stress



Panic attacks

Pain management

Bad habits

Eating disorders



The Virtual Gastric Band

Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping)

Public speaking anxiety

Performing arts confidence

Confidence working within the media

Confidence for teenage girls

Confidence after maternity leave

Imposter syndrome


Personalised downloadable hypnotherapy - 1 hour Zoom consultation for your issue.  Within this session I gather as much information as I can and coach you using a range of tools and skills including CBT, NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping).

Handouts will be provided if I feel necessary.

You will then receive a personalised downloadable hypnotherapy session, especially tailored to you, along with a separate track to create an ANCHOR which is a very useful technique - £95

If required - follow up 15 minute Zoom catch up and an extra downloadable hypnotherapy session to strengthen previous work - £35

Integrative approach - Sometimes an 'integrative' approach is required.  This means combining life coaching / NLP / hypnotherapy / EFT during an hour long Zoom or face to face session - £60 per session

One to one hypnotherapy and integrated therapies in designated home studio - Available in Bromley - £60 per session

Affordable hypnotherapy downloads - these are not personalised but utilise proven and trusted hypnotherapy techniques to get results - prices start at £20


Please note: If we're working with a phobia I will require a 3 session commitment as a minimum.  

(Please note Charlie is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, accredited by The Hypnotherapy Association 


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