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BSc, PGDip, DipHyp, CNHC Registered


I always think it helps to know a little about a therapist before you choose to work with them, as the therapeutic relationship is key to a successful outcome.


It is important that you find the right therapist for you. 


I’m Charlie - a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist in training and Life Coach.


I started my therapeutic training in 2018 and have decided to undertake further and ongoing Psychotherapy training to the highest professional standard.  Upon successful completion of this Masters level training I will be a Hypno-Psychotherapist, accredited by UKCP. There are only a few Hypno-Psychotherapists in the UK trained to this high level. It is very important for me to achieve this to offer the very best to my clients. 



(Please note I am a trainee member of UKCP)

Part of my rigorous training is undertaking almost a year of my own therapy. This not only allows me to fully understand an in-depth therapeutic relationship from the client's chair, but also means I can make sure I don't bring any of my 'stuff' into the therapy room.  I see this as a huge advantage of my training.  Hypnotherapists without additional psychotherapeutic training aren't usually required to do this. 


The great thing about my training is that I can continue working as a hypnotherapist, and the additional psychotherapeutic approaches and techniques I may bring in to our sessions are a wonderful added bonus to the therapeutic experience.


Prior to my therapy career I spent 14 years working in the media industry. During this time I worked as a journalist, news reader, news editor, presenter, commentator, voice over artist, vlogger, blogger and writer working for very big and prestigious names in the industry including Heart and Global Radio, Sky News, ITN, The Metro and Channel Mum.

Working in the media wasn't glamorous (But it was fun). As a breakfast show presenter I got out of bed at 3.30am five days a week and drove a 160 mile round trip every day. But it was an opportunity of a lifetime that allowed me to learn so much about myself and others. Being on the radio and being a therapist is not so different, it's all about listening intuitively and empathetically to others and their life stories. 



The vast and varied skills I developed in my media career have led me to an interest in therapeutic and coaching approaches to public speaking confidence and anxiety. I believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident when doing a work presentation, speaking to a room full of colleagues or strangers or even simply picking up the phone. This is one of my specialist areas so please do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

In my personal life I went through some difficult years experiencing miscarriage and fertility issues. The impact of fertility issues on mental health is still vastly underestimated in my opinion and this has led me to undertake further training in hypnosis and psychotherapy for fertility. Please contact me here if you’d like to know more.

As a therapist I work integratively meaning I bring together all my tools and trainings to find the right approach for you. You, the client, are the most important part of the process. I don’t believe that anyone needs ‘fixing’. My job is to listen and to work with you to find the answers to help you live the life that YOU deserve.


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